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I’ve been a fully-certified Nurse Practitioner since 2012.  I started my work in primary care and transitioned to long term care in 2015.  I started to get frustrated with the traditional healthcare system which was not really getting people healthier.  I found functional medicine in 2019 and found significant relief in my own health as well as the lives of my patients.  I was finally getting patients healthier by treating them at the root cause for their conditions instead of giving band-aid fixes that weren't working.  
Rx Wellness Infusions was born from my experiences with functional medicine and seeing the need for vitamin supplementation in treating illness and chronic disease.  I also wanted a way to get my patients feeling better quicker!  Vitamin infusions help get patients feeling better quickly by treating deficiencies and de-hydration immediately so you can get along with your busy day and lifestyle.  

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You can heal, move, supplement and eat your way to a better everyday!

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