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WELCOME to Rx Functional Psychiatry and Wellness Infusions!


We have a nurse practitioner with specialization in functional medicine and psychiatry who works with patients to uncover the root causes for psychological conditions.  We offer extensive lab work to look for typical root causes such as nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, gut problems, underlying viruses and bacteria and toxins.  Treatments are aimed at treating the root causes and include supplementation, lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and medications to get patients feeling better.  Our Nurse Practitioner is also specialized in mens health to better serve men with depression related to low testosterone levels.  We offer in depth lab testing to determine causes of low testosterone and provide treatments with hormone replacement therapy, peptides and other treatments to restore energy, vitality and performance in men to ultimately tackle the source of their depressive symptoms.  Our IV treatments help promote wellness in our patients and are often used in conjunction with our nurse practitioner treatments to get you feeling better quicker!  Whether you have an athletic event, are recovering from an illness, have chronic pain or a chronic illness, or need help with rejuvenation we have a treatment to get you there quicker!  We have certified medial professionals equipped to  administer treatments that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed!  

Functional Medicine Services

Schedule a consult with our Nurse Practitioner for Functional Psychiatry, weight loss and/or men's health services

Functional Psychiatry

Are you interested in a different kind of psychiatric care?  One that treats your body as a whole?  Our Nurse Practitioner takes time with patients to uncover root causes for mood disorders and offers a different kind of treatment plan that actually gets you feeling better!

Weight loss

Are you having difficulty losing weight?  Schedule a visit with our functional medicine NP for lab work to determine causes of difficulty losing weight.  Treatments include a combination of nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, supplements and semiglutide for those that qualify

Men's Health

Are you experiencing signs and symptoms of low testosterone?  Have you been told by your provider that they don't test testosterone or that your levels are too low for treatment?  We offer full lab testing and treatment for levels <550.  Schedule a consult today if interested!

Rx Wellness Infusions

Whatever you are looking for, we have a treatment for you!  



This is our Myers Cocktail.  It's great for athletic pre and post recovery, general hydration, or getting ready for a night out!  It includes Vitamin B12, B complex, and Vitamin C



pain, migraine


Experiencing a bad headache or acute pain or headache and nausea from a big night out?  This mixture will get you feeling better fast! It includes Magnesium, Vitamin B12, B complex, Toradol, Zofran, and Dexamethasone


weight loss

Weight loss Mixture

Give your metabolism a boost to aid in your weight loss journey.  This treatment is all natural and helps your body convert carbohydrates and fat into energy. This mixture includes B12, B complex, glutathione, and a lipo-C IM injection


Sharing Orange Juice

Immune Booster

Exposed to illness or feeling ill?

This treatment will give your immune system a boost and get you feeling better faster!  It includes B complex, high dose vitamin c, B12 and zinc


On a Run

Performance Enhancer

Have a sporting event coming up or looking to get a boost in your workouts?  This drip includes essential vitamins such as B12, B complex and amino acids to give you energy as well as Glutathione to rid the body of toxins.


Beautiful Pout

Beauty Enhancer

This mixture will help your skin, hair and nails get stronger, fuller, and reduce blemishes.  It includes essential B vitamins, biotin, and glutathione to help your body get rid of toxins



Energy/ Detox Boost

Feeling run down and tired or have a chronic disease? This drip will help increase energy levels quickly and help your body get rid of toxins that can contribute to chronic disease. Drip includes Vitamin B12, B complex, Vitamin C, and Glutathione.



Mini Hydrate

Short on time?  We offer a treatment with half the fluids and the same amount of quality vitamins to get you up and running quicker!  Infusion takes about 20-30mintues and includes Vitamin C, B complex, and B12


Om Pose


Suffering with chronic disease?

Feeling low on energy?

Want to slow aging?

Struggling with chronic pain?

NAD+ has been shown to help with all of these things!  We administer NAD+ infusions as 100, 250, or 500mg in a slow IV push or drip to minimize adverse effects.   

$75- $599

Book an Appointment

Services are by appointment only.  If you do not see an appointment that works for you, or you need help deciding which service to book please call or text 508.779.6912

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